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BrianMoskow.com is a mix between a commercial and personal website. There is Engineering in a Box” and “The Red Blog.” These are places where I can illustrate and write about engineering.

In the Meet Brian box on the site, you will read that I like astrophysics. This is where the idea for “Engineering in a Box” originated. There is the YouTube series, “MinutePhysics,” that takes complex physics concepts and explains them in very simple ways using fun illustrations. I wanted to do the same for structural engineering.

Earlier this year, I put together a six-feature online series (released monthly) that explains and illustrates structural engineering concepts in easy-to-understand terms. Mouse over the “Engineering in a Box” on the website and it will take you to the first feature in the series: Slab on Grade.

The intent of “Engineering in a Box” is multi-purpose. It may help an architect when thinking about a particular design. It may help a contractor think through a problem on a job site. Or, it may help a student better understand an engineering concept.

The Red Blog originates from “I Don’t Like Bananas,” a story about my daughter’s lunch box and how to communicate better. For me, it’s about communication and I am always trying to improve that skill.

Most of all, BrianMoskow.com is about structural design and the business of engineering. I just like thinking about these things and if I can help make them easier to understand and communicate better in the process, that’s great.

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